Cashless Kids: Teaching the next generation about money

“Just pay for it on the card, Mum.”

This was my 8-year old’s response when I told her I didn’t have any money to buy an ice cream when Mr Whippy rocked up to the beach car park. You can imagine the look on my face, right?

Where did I go wrong in teaching my kids about the value of money, I thought? As for talking back to me – don’t even get me started!

Then it dawned on me later that day as I was paying for groceries with my card: she’s growing up watching me payWave on a daily basis – so what was I to expect!

I never have cash on me. I pay for coffee on my phone a lot of the time, and even our school has an app to pay for incursions, canteen and uniforms.

Until now we’ve relied on bank accounts to encourage good saving habits, but this is quickly feeling a little out of date. So what options exist for kids to learn practical spending experience in today’s digital, and almost cashless environment?


The solution? It was time for my little girl to get updated…


cashless kids



I didn’t even know these existed for kids, so was pretty excited to be introduced to Spriggy – a cool new app designed to not only teach kids about the value of money, but empower them with the independence and responsibility of using a prepaid card, just like we do (but without the debt!).

What appealed to me most about the Spriggy app was the visibility of how the card has value, just like a traditional piggy bank. Shopping online or instore, she’s able to see what’s left on the card after each purchase, and understand that it’s not a never-ending supply!

With a Parent’s Wallet to set up transfers and schedule payment for pocket money, and the ability to move funds between savings and the card for spending, it made things easier for me too, given I never have cash to pay her for pocket money!

You can also set up savings goals to help visualise a target. Santa didn’t deliver a Garmin as requested, so we were able to set a savings goal to help achieve this, and her satisfaction with buying it herself and using the card was priceless!


finance for kids



Here’s how it works:


  • Create a Spriggy account online for kids aged 8-17 (FREE for the first 30 days)
  • If you sign up to Spriggy with this special link, your account will come pre-loaded with $5
  • Download the app and keep a watch on the letterbox for the arrival of your child’s card
  • Complete the app set up to activate your FREE trial
  • Instantly transfer funds into your Parent Wallet and kid’s account


She now jokes that she can ‘Spriggy’ it when she finds something she’d like to buy while out and about, but if she checks the app (just as she would her money box) and there isn’t enough money on the card, then she knows to set it as a goal and it’s back to saving again! It’s great to see her learning.

To ensure it’s not all about the spending though, we’ve put in a blanket rule that a minimum 50% of all ‘earned’ money needs to go into savings. Any gifted money can be put onto her card for spending. Tough but fair!


These holidays have been a great time for looking at extra ways to make extra pocket money too (without it costing me!) which you can read more about in this previous blog post.


Like most hurdles we’re facing with growing kids, accepting that she needs a little independence with her own money is made easier with tools like Spriggy, keeping me in just enough control to steer her in the right direction, but with enough practical experience to let her make her own spending and saving decisions.


If you’d like to know more about Spriggy and sign up for your FREE trial, check them out at and be sure to let us know what you think! We’d love to see pics of the proud owners of their first Spriggy card too, so tag us @bubblerdeals @spriggyoffical #SpriggyKids

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