Bubbler Deals was set up by a parent who was looking for a way to deliver value to families whilst supporting her local primary school at the same time.  The Bubbler Deals 5% Donation program is designed to ease the burden of fundraising.  It’s so much easier than organising a cake stall!

When you shop at Bubbler, your purchase can generate a 5% donation to an approved primary school, playgroup, kindergarten or playgroup that you choose*.  Bubbler Deals can provide your school, playgroup or kindergarten with an innovative, passive income stream with payments made twice a year.

*excludes travel and accommodation offers.

To donate through Bubbler, all you need to do is select your beneficiary from the approved list when you make your first purchase and our software will remember it for all subsequent purchases. If you don’t see your primary school, kindergarten or playgroup listed, please complete the form below.  If your beneficiary is located in QLD, NSW or the ACT we may require a written authorisation form to be signed before adding your beneficiary to our list. 

Bubbler ensures your dollars directly impact your community.  All donations are paid twice each year in April and October to the Parent Committee via EFT when the total donation accrued is $50 or more.  Should your donation accrual be less than $50, these monies will be rolled over into the next payment round. Donations sit in a separate account and do not attract any administration fees of any kind.

Bubbler Deals was created to help make fundraising easier. So go on, start enjoying your deals knowing that you are giving back to your community.

Note: Donations are not complusory.  If you wish to make a purchase and do not have a relationship with any of the beneficiaries you can simply select ‘No Donation’ in order to make your purchase.

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