Welcome to Bubbler Deals Terms and Conditions. Bubbler Deals captures the spirit of excitement and joy by offering new things to explore and discover in your city. All Bubbler Deals offers are designed to allow families to enjoy greater quality time together, whether that is a fun family experience or home help saving you time so you can get out and enjoy family life. We take great care in selecting the offers featured on Bubbler Deals.  These Terms and Conditions set out how we do it all, for you.

This website, www.bubbler.com.au and its related pages, including any mobile site or mobile or other application that we may offer (Website) are owned and operated by KLEA ENTERPRISES PTY LTD (ACN 616 510 797 ABN 32 616 510 797) (Bubbler, us, our or we). Your access to, browsing, contributions to and use of this Website are subject to the following terms and conditions of use (Terms) and any other terms or conditions on the Website, including our privacy policy, as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations. By accessing or using this Website you accept and agree to the Terms, which are legally binding. If you do not agree to any of these Terms, you must not visit or use the Website. The Terms will be revised or updated from time to time by us and notified as set out in the Terms and any updates are effective immediately upon being published on the Website.

In the Terms, you means any person visiting or using the Website.

1. Content

All text, images, trademarks (registered or unregistered), graphics, photographs, designs, icons, logos and service marks (Content) and selection, arrangement or “look and feel” of all content contained on the Website, is the property of Bubbler or third parties who have granted Bubbler permission to use it on the Website and is protected by international copyright, design and trademark laws. Your right to use the Content is limited only to those rights expressly set out in the Terms.

2. Use and Registration

By visiting or using the Website, you warrant to us that you are not a legal minor and are over the age of 18 and have full and due capacity and authority to do so.  You also warrant you are an Australian resident using the Website in Australia, as the Website and its Content is not intended for persons not resident in Australia.

To use the Website you will be required to subscribe to receive our offers and then register and activate an account with us on the Website to order them, which will require submitting your data and personal information, and by doing so you agree all data provided is accurate, true and up-to-date in all respects and at all times. Bubbler reserves the right to refuse data or registrations at its sole discretion. Any breaches of these Terms will allow Bubbler to lock or delete any registration and not accept any further or future registration. You also agree to update your registration or account for any changes to the data you have submitted as soon as practicable after the data or information changes.

You are solely responsible for all activity that occurs using your registration or account, and solely responsible to keep your access to it and passwords secure. Bubbler does not accept any responsibility for activity purchases on your registration or account by unauthorised use of your registration or account and if you suspect or become aware of any unauthorised use of your registration or that it is no longer secure, you agree to notify Bubbler immediately and further agree that you will immediately take all reasonable steps to protect your registration or account.

You may not use another person’s account without their express prior permission.

You acknowledge that when you register and use the Website, you will receive correspondence from Bubbler, including newsletters, relating to the Website purposes.

Bubbler grants you a revocable limited non-exclusive license to access, browse, use or contribute to the Website or the Content on your computer or similar device and download and use downloadable Content for personal, private or domestic purposes only or the sole purpose of making purchases from the Website and except as expressly permitted herein or on the Website, or with Bubbler’s prior written permission, you are expressly prohibited from modifying, copying, downloading, distributing, transmitting, displaying, publishing, selling, licensing, creating derivative works or otherwise using Content available via this Website for commercial or public purposes, including but not limited to use as meta tags or linking the Website or Content on other pages or sites on the world wide web.

You warrant to us that you are not visiting or using the Website or Content or purchasing any goods or services from the Website for any commercial purposes.

You are not allowed to damage, interfere with or disrupt access to the Website or the Content or engage in any other conduct that will or may restrict or limit any other person from using or accessing the Website or the Content. You agree not to, or attempt to, circumvent, disable or otherwise interfere with security-related features of the Website or features that prevent or restrict use or copying of any Content or enforce limitations on the use of the Website or the Content within it.

3. Purchasing

Bubbler offers vouchers that are redeemable or usable directly with a third party merchant or business for a specific deal the third party will honour with a Voucher purchaser (Deal) once it has purchased the voucher (Voucher). A Voucher is available for a limited time, as set out on the Website or otherwise notified to you, and can only be purchased prior to expiry of that time.

All orders of Vouchers must be made via the Website and in accordance with any ordering instructions referred to on the Website or otherwise notified to you. These include that you must select the Voucher you wish to purchase, including quantities within any limits or as otherwise available on the Website and must provide, strictly in accordance with the Website accurate details required in making the order, all of which information together will when made be an Order.

By placing an Order, you warrant you are not a legal minor and is over the age of 18 years and it has full and due capacity and authority to make the Order.

Once you have submitted an Order, you must make payment for the Order in accordance with the payment methods on or referred to on the Website or otherwise notified to you. An Order will only be deemed to be placed when you have submitted it and made the full payment for it.

Bubbler reserves the right to accept or reject your Order for any reason including, the unavailability of any goods or services, an error in the price or description or any goods or services or any error in your order, and in the event that we cancel your order, we will provide a full refund of any payments received from you.

4. Price and Payments

The price of a Voucher is as contained or referred to on the Website or otherwise notified to you and this reflects the price of the Deal offered by the third party merchant or business to you. We may at our sole discretion from time to time update the price of a Voucher or the Deal. All prices will be inclusive of any GST and are processed in Australian dollars unless otherwise notified on the Website.

All payments for Orders must be received by us in full before a Voucher will be supplied to you. Payment must be received by us before the expiry time of the Deal. If payment is not received in full or if it is declined by any bank or credit card issuer for any reason whatsoever, Bubbler will not issue your Voucher and will not accept payment by other means after the expiry time of the Deal.

Bubbler accepts no liability for unauthorised use of any of your payment, credit card or bank account details, including due to fraud, forgery or other similar acts.

5. Vouchers

Any good or service displayed on the Website does not constitute an offer to sell the goods or services that are the subject of the Deal. Your contract with us is to pay for the Voucher and for us to deliver it to you, for you to separately use to purchase the goods or services set out in the Deal. When you redeem a Voucher, this is an offer by you to the supplier/provider of the goods or services, which is accepted by that party making arrangements for the provision of the goods or services, or actual provision to you, and the contract for the provision of the goods or services is entered between you and that party.

It is your responsibility to present any Voucher you purchase to the applicable provider/supplier listed on it. You are also responsible for the safekeeping of your Vouchers to ensure they are not used by any third party, including by using codes or other information on the Voucher. Bubbler does not accept any responsibility whatsoever for the redemption of a Voucher by any other person for any reason.

You acknowledge you are solely responsible for using or redeeming a Voucher and must redeem or use it strictly in accordance with the terms, conditions or instructions contained or referred to on it or the Website or otherwise notified to you, including any accompanying delivery of the Voucher to you (Instructions).

You must redeem or use a Voucher before the expiry date listed in the Voucher or it will expire and no longer be valid for use or redemption. Any unused Voucher or unused part of a Voucher cannot be redeemed for cash, credit or any other value.

A Voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher or offer unless it is stated on the Voucher or otherwise agreed by the third party provider/supplier.

You acknowledge and agree a provider/supplier may refuse to redeem a Voucher if you do not comply with the Instructions and Bubbler is not liable to refund a Voucher and is not liable for any direct or consequential losses you may suffer as a result of a Voucher not being redeemed or accepted by a provider/supplier because you do not comply with Instructions or any other terms you may agree.

You acknowledge and agree that a provider/supplier may in its discretion consider a Voucher redeemed or cancelled by you if you do not comply with your offer to redeem it, including by not being available at agreed times or complying with any other agreed terms and Bubbler is not liable to you for a refund of a Voucher and is not liable for any direct or consequential losses you may suffer as a result of a Voucher being or not being redeemed or cancelled because you do not comply with your offer or any other agreed terms.

You acknowledge Bubbler has not provided advice on the manner of redeeming or using Vouchers with a provider/supplier and you are solely responsible for doing so and Bubbler provides only the Instructions to you on how to redeem or use it.

You may only redeem or use a Voucher once and you undertake and agree not to redeem or use or allow or permit any third party to redeem or use, or attempt to, a Voucher more than once or with more than one third party provider/supplier. If you do any of these things, the Voucher may be cancelled by us at our discretion.

Bubbler bases offers of Vouchers and Content or other material on the Website solely on information provided by third party provider/suppliers and does not accept any liability or responsibility for any goods or services not matching our descriptions. In particular, any recommendations provided by Bubbler, its staff or personnel or any other third party (including if offered, “Koo’s Recommendations” or “Bubbler’s Choice”) is a personal testimonial and opinion only and a Voucher or any goods or services to which it relates may not match that opinion or testimonial or your experience and it may not be suitable or applicable to you.

6. Cancellations and Refunds

You may cancel an Order prior to making payment for it, but you acknowledge and agree that if the Order is cancelled after a payment is made by you then no amount will be refunded, unless Bubbler determines otherwise at its sole discretion. You cannot obtain a refund of a Voucher if you change your mind after making payment for it.

You cannot return or receive a refund on any Voucher after delivery, except where the Voucher does not comply with the warranties made under these Terms or the Voucher is not in accordance with the Order. To avoid doubt, you acknowledge that a defect will not be a defect of Bubbler if it has occurred as a result of inaccurate information provided by you in the Order.

In using a Voucher, it is the sole responsibility of the provider/supplier to provide goods or services to you and any refunds are to be provided by that third party.

If a third party provider/supplier becomes insolvent or bankrupt and is unable to honour or provide the Deal pursuant to a Voucher, Bubbler may, in its discretion, provide you with credit to the value of the Voucher for use in purchasing a fresh Voucher for another Deal, on such terms and Conditions as Bubbler may specify.

Bubbler Vouchers cannot be transferred, re-sold or redeemed for cash or goods.

7. Delivery of Vouchers

Following purchase of a Voucher, Bubbler will use reasonable endeavours to dispatch an email notification that your Voucher is available immediately after purchase is completed but you acknowledge this is an estimate and time is not of the essence and Bubbler will not be liable in any circumstances for delay in the delivery of Vouchers. This email will notify you that you can log into the account you have registered with us and print off the Voucher. All notifications will be made to your email address listed in your account and Vouchers will be provided to the account you have registered with us. You must log in to your account to access a Voucher.

Bubbler is not liable for any loss of or failure to receive Vouchers after notification to the email address and providing it to your account, or for any inability to deliver in accordance with the Order due to the email address or your account being defective or inaccessible for any reason not caused directly by Bubbler. It is your responsibility to ensure your receipt of a Voucher.

Upon obtaining your Voucher, you must examine it carefully and promptly notify Bubbler of any defects or other issues, or if any part of the Voucher is missing. Title and risk to the Voucher (excluding intellectual property) will pass to you, and you will bear the risk of any and all loss, damage or deterioration on delivery.

8. Third Party Sites

Bubbler selects third party providers/suppliers with care and our customer’s needs in mind. We aim to provide Vouchers for offers from reputable providers/suppliers with quality products or services who will be able to fully deliver that offer to you.

The Website may contain links to third parties websites or content (Third Party Content). Bubbler does not monitor, review or update, and does not have any control over, Third Party Content. Unless expressly stated otherwise, Bubbler does not endorse or adopt Third Party Content and makes no representation, warranty or guarantee as to accuracy, completeness, timeliness or reliability of Third Party Content. If you use links or Third Party Content, you do so entirely at your own risk and liability. In addition, without limiting any other part of the Terms, reference to any products, services, processes or other information by name, trademark, manufacturer, supplier or otherwise on or via the Website does not constitute or imply any endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation by Bubbler.

9. No Warranties

The Website and Content are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, express or implied. Except to the extent required by the law, Bubbler does not make any representations or warranties as to the Website, including but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, security, informational content, system integration or accuracy and the express warranty of quiet enjoyment or as to the accuracy or suitability of information, descriptions, guidelines and images on the Website including colour, design and texture samples, descriptions of any materials or products, services, offers, merchants or any other information shown on the Website. Bubbler does not represent or warrant that the Website or its server(s), applications or functionalities are free of viruses or other harmful components, and you bear the entire risk of losses or damages that you may incur or suffer as a result of any use of or visit to this website. Bubbler does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted, error-free or secure access to the Website or its services, since the operation of the Website may be interfered with by numerous factors outside of Bubbler’s control.

10. Limitation of Liability

Except to the extent required by the law or as is expressly set out in the Terms, Bubbler specifically disclaims all or any liability arising from your access to or use of the Website and Content, making any Order or purchasing, redeeming or using any Voucher and in no event will Bubbler, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, shareholders, employees or agents be liable for any loss or damage of any kind, including indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, or special damages or any loss of use, loss of profits or loss of data, whether in an action in contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise (including but not limited to negligence), arising out of or in any way connected with those matters (even if Bubbler has been advised of the possibility of such damages). In any event, Bubbler’s total liability to you for damages, losses, and causes of action (whether in contract or tort (including, but not limited to, negligence) or otherwise) will not exceed the amount paid by you, if any, for accessing the Website or purchasing any Voucher.

Bubbler‘s liability for breach of any condition or warranty implied by legislation is, at Bubbler’s option, limited to the replacement of goods, the supply of equivalent goods or the payment of the cost of replacing or acquiring equivalent goods, or to supplying services again or payment of the cost of having services supplied again.

Without limiting the above, you acknowledge that Bubbler accepts no responsibility or any liability for Orders made by you, and you acknowledge that Instructions are to be strictly observed and followed at its own risk, and Bubbler does not accept any responsibility or liability for any information or errors therein provided by you in the Order, or for the redemption or use of any Voucher, including your failure to do all things necessary to ensure the redemption or use or consequences of doing so, are suitable and safe.

You release and forever discharge Bubbler, its officers, employees and agents from all and any loss, damage or liability (including indirect, special or consequential) excluded under these Terms, including from any third party claim, except to the extent that any legislation applies and cannot be lawfully excluded.

11. Indemnification

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Bubbler and its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, shareholders, employees or agents from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of the Terms, or your violation of any law or the rights of any party. You also agree to indemnify Bubbler from any and all damage you may cause Bubbler, its business, or the Website due to your interaction with the Website including without limitation your contributions, if any to the Website.

You will indemnify and hold harmless, and keep indemnified, Bubbler, its officers, employees and agents against any loss or damage of any kind that is either excluded under the Terms, including from any third party claim or any property or injury to or death of any person, or caused as a result in any way by a breach by you of the Terms, any negligent act or omission or willful misconduct of yours or any claim, suit or action bought against Bubbler as a result of your use of any Voucher, including redemption or use.

This Clause contains continuing separate obligations and it survives termination.

12. Disclaimer

The information regarding meal planning and recipes is designed to help readers with planning weekly meal ideas and providing recipes to help make your life easier. We test all recipes, and try to ensure we are accurate on measurements, ingredients and instructions. We also engage a qualified nutritionist to provide nutritional information to assist in your lifestyle management. We cannot be held responsible for any errors in any Content which may occur from time to time.

Appetising Ideas Pty Ltd trading as PlanBuyCook provides recipes and information including nutritional contents to Bubbler users, subscribers and visitors and we allow submissions from various sources, including private consumers. Appetising Ideas and Bubbler in no way provide any warranty, direct, implied or otherwise toward the content of the recipes including those submitted by any visitor, advertiser, or any other individual. It is up to you to determine the personal nutritional value and safety of the preparation instructions.

We do list all ingredients for the menus and cannot be held responsible for or assume any liability for any adverse reactions to any food consumed. You use all recipes and information on our site at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damage or loss, medically, physically, financially (including but not limited to loss of revenue) and including indirect or consequential which may directly or indirectly result from the preparation of food using any instructions or recipes provided on this website or your interpretation of any information stored on or generated by the website. All readers, users and visitors must take care to check the instructions provided to determine any possible medical condition that may arise from the consumption of the ingredients listed on this site.

13. Termination

Bubbler reserves the right, without notice and in its sole discretion, to restrict or terminate your ability to use the Website, and to limit, block or prevent access to and use of this Website, including access to and use of your account or orders, without any liability to you. Failure by you to abide by the Terms revokes your authorisation to use the Website and its services, including any license granted.

Until receipt of an Order, Bubbler reserves its right to refuse service, terminate an Order or change or remove the Website or Content at its sole discretion and will not be liable for any damages, loss or expenses of any kind, including indirect or consequential loss or damage, suffered or incurred by you in any way (including due to negligence) as a result of refusal, termination, change or removal, or in connection with your reliance on the Order in any way, other than a refund that is expressly permitted under the Terms.

14. Intellectual Property

You acknowledge Bubbler is the owner or licensee of all intellectual property rights in the Website and all works and designs therein and nothing in these Terms grants or gives you any intellectual property rights in the Website, works or designs, which to avoid doubt are absolutely assigned to Bubbler.

Upon contributing or providing content of any kind to the Website, including via third party sites such as Facebook or Twitter, you immediately grant Bubbler a license to use it for the purpose for which it was given and for our reasonable promotional or marketing purposes relating to the Website and you acknowledge that this clause if sufficient to give effect to the license. You acknowledge that any contribution you make to or via the Website or other sites, does not in any way give you a right, title or interest in the Content or the Website and you warrant to Bubbler you have all necessary rights, including copyright, in the content you are contributing and have not granted any rights inconsistent with any rights granted under these Terms, it is not unlawful, defamatory, false or misleading, in violation of laws including privacy, harassment or discrimination, infringing rights, abusive, offensive, obscene or inappropriate, including by being vexatious, provocative, an endorsement or a solicitation and there is currently no claim or dispute with any party about any ownership or use of it. All material published on the Website is at Bubbler’s discretion and may be edited, removed or republished.

15. 5% Donations

Bubbler can donate 5% of the sum paid by you for a Voucher to a primary school or play group if you have provided sufficient information to Bubbler to make the donation to it or may donate the sum to Playgroup WA or to any other recipient that Bubbler may list on the Website from time to time if you select that recipient.

If you wish the donation to be made to a primary school or playgroup, the school or playgroup you have nominated to us at the time of purchasing a Voucher under these Terms will be the applicable school or playgroup and you may only nominate one school or play group at any time but you may change this from time to time. Bubbler will accept nominations of public or private schools but reserves the right to refuse to donate to any school or group it does not consider is appropriate. Written consent and authorisation is required in some states to add beneficiaries and this must be satisfed prior to being able to nominate them for a donation.

If you wish the donation to be made to Playgroup WA or any other recipient listed on the Website from time to time, the recipient you have nominated at the time of purchasing a Voucher will be the applicable recipient and you may only nominate one recipient at any time, but you may change it from time to time.

Bubbler will only donate to primary schools or pre-primary playgroups, Playgroup WA or any other recipient listed on the Website from time to time, and if your nomination is for any other group or entity, Bubbler will not make a donation to it.

Bubbler will make donations directly to a school P&C body for the nominated school, to a playgroup itself, or to any other recipient available on the Website from time to time, on a six monthly basis but only when $50 (or other minimum sum Bubbler may determine) or more is payable. You acknowledge that the donation may be used by the recipient as it may determine and Bubbler is not otherwise liable or responsible for the use of any donated sum.

All holiday offers including accommodation, flights and package holidays are excluded from the 5% Donation program and no amount of the voucher purchase can be donated to a listed beneficiary.

It is not compulsory to make a donation when making a voucher purchase. You can select ‘No Donation’ or ‘Select Your Beneficiary’ if you do not wish Bubbler to make a donation.

16. Refer a Friend 

Bubbler’s “Refer a Friend” program allows registered members to earn credit to spend on deals offered by Bubbler by referring family, friends or colleagues to register at Bubbler. You agree not to refer to people other than family, friends or colleagues and not to engage in unsolicited ‘spam’ activity. An existing registered Bubbler member must go to ‘My Account’ on the Website and select the unique hyperlink called ‘Social Sharing’ and follow any instructions, or may click on the social media ‘sharing’ icons directly under the images located on ‘Today’s Deal’ page and follow any instructions. Members will be credited $5.00 (or other amount as Bubbler may notify from time to time) to their own account for each person who then subscribes and registers with Bubbler using the unique hyperlink provided to them and follows any related instructions and then makes a purchase on Bubbler within 14 days of registering. Referred friends must have cookies enabled for the process to work and a failure to do so may invalidate the credit to the existing member. Any credit earned is not refundable or redeemable for cash.

17. Gift Certificate

Bubbler may offer gift certificates for you (or anyone you give it to) to use to purchase Vouchers on the Website (Gift Certificate). A Gift Certificate can be purchased on the same terms as a Voucher under the Terms and is transferrable. A Gift Certificate will entitle the holder to redeem it to purchase a Voucher in accordance with the Terms once the holder has subscribed, registered and activated an account with us on the Website. A Gift Certificate may be redeemed in whole or part up to its full value only, and may be combined with other payment, and any Gift Certificate, and all value left on it, will expire six months after its purchase, as listed by us on the Voucher. Any unused portions may be retained for later use on these same terms. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash and are not refundable and are not usable directly with any third party providing a Deal.

18. Gift Vouchers

Bubbler may offer Vouchers for a Deal that a named recipient can use for the Deal (Gift Voucher). A Gift Voucher can be purchased on the same terms as a Voucher under the Terms except that the name of the recipient must be provided, and it will entitle the named recipient, and not the purchasing customer, to redeem it for the Deal in accordance with the Terms. Gift Vouchers are not transferrable and can only be used for the specific Deal. Bubbler may email a Gift Voucher to you in addition or instead of providing it in your registered account.

19. Competitions

The following terms along with any competition information on the Website, including how to enter and prize details apply to entry to any Bubbler competition (Competition) and by entering a Competition, you agree to be bound by them. The promoter of any Competition is Bubbler unless stated otherwise (Promoter).

Competition entry is open to Australian residents only unless otherwise stated and employees or directors, and their immediate families, of the Promoter and its suppliers, agencies or other entities associated with the Competition are ineligible to enter. If stated on the Website, entrants must be over 18 years of age or comply with any other requirements or limitations on entry. To enter you must comply with entry requirements on the Website. Entry is free but you will be required to access the Website at your cost including internet access or data fees.

The competition begins and closes on dates listed on the Website (Competition Period). Prize draws will occur as listed on the Website. Winners will be notified by email or Bubbler’s Facebook page according to details provided on the winning entry, within 1 business day of a prize being won. Winners will also be listed on the Website. A winner must contact the Promoter to redeem the prize within 14 days of the draw unless stated otherwise. Failure to contact the Promoter within this period may deem the winner no longer eligible to receive the prize without further notice. Any unclaimed prizes will be awarded to reserve winners drawn in the initial draw or subject to any further draw as we may determine.

All prize details and total prize pool are set out on the Website. All images are used for display purposes only and may not depict exact or actual prize details. A winner is solely responsible for prize collection, unless stated on the Website. The Promoter will provide the prize only, but will not cover any other costs of any kind associated with winning, receiving or otherwise using a prize, other than as expressly stated on the Website. A winner is not entitled to any payment or reimbursement as a result of entering the Competition or enjoying or participating in a prize, or not doing so. Where tickets to or participation in any event form part of a prize, a winner is bound by the conditions of entry governing venues in which it is held and agrees to follow the directions of the Promoter, venue, event manager/holders and their agents.

The Promoter has the right to refuse to allow a winner to take part in all or part of a prize if the Promoter deems at its discretion a winner is not in an appropriate physical or mental condition to ensure the safety of the winner or other parties involved, or otherwise deems it is not appropriate for the winner to take part in all or part of a prize for any reason. It is a strict condition of entry of the Competition that the winner understands, agrees and accepts that the Promoter may require a signed legal release form before a winner receives or uses a prize.

Entrants will be required to provide personal details with an entry, and failure to supply it may forfeit a prize. The Promoter may disclose winners’ information to parties associated with the Competition in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Incomplete entries will be ineligible. Entries are restricted by any limits stated on the Website, including entering or winning other competitions or more than one prize. The Promoter may disqualify a person who tampers with any entry process.

The Promoter accepts no responsibility for changes in Competition dates or dates, times or values of prize components, for any incomplete, late, lost or misdirected entries or for any inability for any entrant to access, view or load the Website. In the event the Promoter postpones or varies the Competition or any elements of a prize, it (and any party associated with the Competition) will not be liable to any person for any loss or damage of any kind (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or loss or damage caused by the Promoter’s or other party’s negligence) arising out of, or in connection with, the postponement or variation of the Competition or a prize, nor will the Promoter or other party be liable for any loss, damage, payment or expense of any kind (including but not limited to indirect or consequential loss or damage caused by the Promoter’s or other party’s negligence) or personal injury or other damage suffered or sustained as a result of entering, judging, running, cancellation or acceptance, enjoyment or use of the Competition or a prize or any aspect of or access to the Website. While the Promoter takes care to ensure all information relating to the Competition is correct, it does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of all information provided and will not be liable for any inaccuracy, omission or error. Entrants should make their own enquiries to verify all information provided.

The Promoter reserves the right in its discretion, subject to any approval or directions from regulatory bodies, at any time during the Competition Period to vary, withdraw, postpone or cancel the Competition or any prize including where in the Promoter’s opinion no entry satisfies the entry requirements or it cannot conduct the Competition or grant a prize for any other reason beyond its control.

The Promoter’s decision on the Competition is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Prizes are not redeemable for cash, transferable or exchangeable. The Promoter is not liable in any way if a winner cannot receive, accept or use a prize for any reason and the Promoter may award that prize to another winner.

The Competition is conducted in Western Australia pursuant to any permit set out on the Website and the Competition and these terms are governed by the laws of Western Australia and all entrants agree to be bound by and subject to such laws.

20. Updates and Revisions

You acknowledge and agree you will be bound by updates and revisions to these Terms and will have had an opportunity to review them. Bubbler recommends you periodically visit this page to review and familiarise yourself with all Terms and review the Website generally to familiarize yourself with updates or revisions. We are not obliged to notify you prior to any changes to the Website or Terms. It is your responsibility to check the Website and Terms from time to time.

21. Privacy Policy 

Bubbler’s Privacy Policy at www.Bubbler.com.au/privacy forms part of these Terms and governs the use of the Website and the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information respectively and by agreeing to the Terms you are also agreeing to the Privacy Policy.

22. General 

These Terms prevail over anything stated on the Website or by Bubbler, unless it is expressly set out in the other statement that part of it prevails over the Terms.

If either party fails to do anything it is entitled to under these Terms that does not amount to a waiver of that right. Any waiver or variation must be in writing. If any clause or part of a clause is illegal or unenforceable, it is to be treated as removed, but the rest of this document is not affected. Any references to a party include their agents, officers, employees or assigns. These Terms are interpreted under and governed by laws and jurisdiction of the courts of Western Australia.

These Terms are an original work protected by copyright and cannot be copied or reproduced without permission in accordance with any applicable copyright laws.

[v.4 dated 11th January 2017]