Packing for Summer Beach Holidays Made Easy

Like most Australians, our summer family holidays are spent at the beach. It’s a winning formula with plenty of sun, salt, sand and swimming to keep us occupied for days on end, and the kids sleeping like logs!


Noosa, Queensland


So every year I like to gift the kids and ourselves with something beach related at Christmas time as I know it will be well used or replace what they’ve outgrown, broken or misplaced the previous year. This year was a little harder though as we were travelling interstate for Christmas, so any gifts had to fit in a suitcase too!

If you’ve ever done an interstate or overseas beach holiday, you’d know the pressure points of packing for one; and there is no such thing as an easy trip to the beach when kids are involved! Thankfully our kids are old enough to be past needing buckets and spades to keep them occupied, and we knew things like boogey boards and umbrellas could be hired; so besides remembering to pack a beach bag and keeping presents hidden in the suitcase, the hardest thing for us to manage has always been the beach towels.

We’ve tried changing our large plush options for thinner and lighter styles in the past, but they always get saturated after one use, then have so much sand stick to them that they’re useless for the rest of the day. We’ve also tried going towel free and using swim chammies instead – not an option at the beach as the kids like to wrap themselves up after a swim, and then there’s still the problem of not having anything to lie on.

So this year we tried the Tesalate towels after finding them whilst putting our Christmas gift guide together.





These light weight towels wrap into the perfect size to fit in your suitcase and beach bag, and are seriously kid proof as no matter how much sand the kids got on them, they repelled it. Goodbye soggy, sandy beach towels you then need to lug back and wash each day! My video production skills are limited, but if you check out our Instagram page you’ll see a short demonstration.

The Tesalate towels can hold up to a litre of water (easily achieved when kids are in and out of the surf all day), but surprisingly didn’t get soggy like a normal towel, and dried super fast so they could be used over and over throughout the day. Tick, tick, tick in my book!

If you’re used to the big plush towels, these will take a little getting used to as they don’t have the same pile texture as normal beach towels. But they are super soft and the benefits of repelling sand and drying quickly soon have you forgetting about your old towels and wondering where these have been all your life. The designs are bright and gorgeous too with plenty of styles to choose from.

And whilst they aren’t cheap ($79 each), they are well worth the investment if beach trips are a regular fixture on your family calendar, either locally, interstate or overseas. Ours were kindly gifted, but I’ll be going back and getting a few more so we each have one as the kids have already put dibs on these ones!

Like to grab one for yourself? Use the code BUBBLER at checkout until January 31st to receive 10% OFF PLUS free shipping! Visit


Happy sand-free holidays!


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