A super easy and fun new family Christmas tradition

Do you remember Christmas as a kid?

We always went camping with friends near the beach, so the ‘tree’ was a stick that we adorned with things found around the campground, we ate ham for breakfast, lunch and dinner for what felt like a fortnight, and gifts were always things we could use whilst away as there wasn’t much room in the car for anything else! But I loved it, and will always remember the family traditions that made it Christmas, regardless of where we were.

These days it’s a little less relaxed (perhaps because I’m not a kid!) and there’s definitely no camping (hubby not a fan), but I’m loving making our own family Christmas traditions with the kids as I know they’ll be what they remember later in life too.

One tradition we’ve introduced this year that I wish we had as kids, is creating a personalised video from the big man himself! Even though they’re both at school and probably hearing the rumours, these videos make them want to keep believing, and you can literally see the magic reignite in their faces.

We used the Portable North Pole app which is free to download and personalise with your child’s name, age, photo, wish list, family members and friends. I’ve gotta say, half the fun was loading this onto the app with a glass of wine in hand after they’d gone to bed, feeling like one of Santa’s little elves myself!



The premium Magic Pass (paid) version includes even more customisations, including my favourite – recording your child’s reaction watching their video! The look on Miss 6’s face was priceless, watching with a mixed look of disbelief, amazement and fear as she waited to find out if she was on the Naughty or Nice list!



How funny is the end of this?! She had watched a longer one before it so she just wanted more!


Magic and wonder aside, bribery just got stepped up a notch with this tool too as Santa can have a quiet word with them about a sticking point (ours was going to bed when told) and you can even flick the switch and pop them on the Naughty list until they do so. Never underestimate the power of the ‘Naughty or Nice’ list!

There’s lots of fun to be had with this app, and you can mix things up between videos, stories and phone calls to keep kids on their toes and spending the next month (at least) well behaved, knowing Santa is watching their every move. There’s even free festive games and filters for the camera which they loved. Another new feature this year (and part of the FREE version) is a “Fun for Groups” video that lets groups such as childcare and preschool classes enjoy Santa’s message together.


Elf Filters




Santa Filter



Nice List Certificate



Unlike some traditions that take a bit of effort, this one is SUPER easy and doesn’t have to cost you anything either. You can download the FREE version of the app on your smartphone or tablet for iOS or Android or visit www.portablenorthpole.com, but if you can’t resist recording your child’s reaction or the urge to create more videos and customisations, then GRAB 20% OFF the premium packages with the special Magic Pass PNP7BLG20 – simply by going to
this link and creating an account.


Portable North Pole Magic Pass Giveaway



Merry Christmas!



4 thoughts on “A super easy and fun new family Christmas tradition

  1. Krystal says:

    My favourite tradition is popping a Santa hat on my Grandpa and him putting a deep voice on and delivering the presents under the tree to the rightful owner. The excitement this has stirred amongst my brother, cousins and myself since I can remember (and now 10 of his great grandchildren) is heart warming. He will be 88 in 6 days, we cherish every year we can all laugh together.

  2. Natalie says:

    We love to visit houses with Xmas decorations on Xmas eve. Tires my girls out nicely so they don’t wake to find “santa” putting their presents under the tree.

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