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kids pocket money

Yesterday our six year-old said to me “I want to make money, but I don’t want to do chores.”

At first I wanted to react and give a big long-winded boring speech about working hard, saving for a rainy day, not always getting what you want in life, yada yada yada. But instead, I said “Ok, let’s look at some other ways you can make money.”

We’ve always encouraged the kids to have a healthy relationship with money because the best way for them to learn to appreciate it is to have some of their own. Not only are they able to earn their own spending money and save for something they really want, but jobs for children are a great foundation for building responsibility and money management for later in life too.

As much as I loved the lemonade stand as a kid, I’d like to think there are a few more ways for kids to earn money in 2017, so here’s how our afternoon rolled out and the various ideas we came up with to help teach them the value of money, ways of working for it, and recognising it doesn’t just grow on trees or come out of walls! Just for the record too – they still have to do their chores!

Selling unwanted toys

This was a win-win for me as the process resulted in a major decluttering of the toy room! We made three piles:

  1. Sell (not broken, still has all the parts and not played with anymore)
  2. Donate
  3. Throw out

Not only did we end up with a tidy room, I think they learned a lot about the value of looking after their things, and being grateful for what they do have. Our donation pile ended up being the biggest for this reason, and we’ve vowed to do a donation run before every birthday.

We did a little research on price for the items they wanted to sell, and loaded them all to the local Buy/Sell/Swap Facebook Group. Gumtree or Ebay are other options too but can take a little more time, but if they are old enough they may like monitoring their own store.


ways for kids to make money
Buzz Lightyear for sale

Start a blog

My husband raised his eyebrows on this one, but I say why not! Our eldest loves to write and their imaginations are just so wild at this age! So I suggested she start thinking of what she’d like to write about and we can set up a little blog for her, and one day she might like to publish a book.

Her eyes lit up whilst Dad’s just rolled, but she’s been hard at work ever since, mapping out her ideas before we put them out to the world wide web. It will be a great learning process for her too into the world of technology, business and advertising. She may not make a lot of money from it initially (or at all!) but this was a great lesson in doing something out of passion, not for money.

So stay tuned for the blog when it goes live!

Offer dog walking to neighbours

We have lots of older neighbours with pets, and as we don’t have any pets of our own, offering to take their dog for a walk is something we would all enjoy, and it helps everyone out.

You’ll find a lot of people are willing to pay a small fee for this service once or twice a week if their dogs are left at home during the day a lot, and if you have younger children like me, it’s a great excuse to get out and get some exercise with them too whilst supervising.


ways for kids to make money

Sell your crafts

If your child loves craft, consider turning them into unique items for sale on a platform like Etsy.com

Suitable for older children who are handy already and interested in making jewellery, cards or knitted scarves or doll clothes for example, this can be a nice ongoing project for them.


Big people chores

Sometimes it’s as simple as upping the anti on the chores that the kids are responsible for to get them excited about helping around the house again. Think of bigger people chores that they can probably manage with a little supervision like mowing the lawn, vacuuming, washing the car, gardening or even laundry!

It might be short lived once the novelty wears off, but then again if they really want that Lego set, they’ll do whatever it takes!

Obviously all jobs need to be age appropriate, and will build to things like baby sitting and helping neighbours water the gardens whilst they are away, but I’m a big advocate for creating a healthy relationship with money for our kids and teaching them that whilst it’s not always available in abundance, there are lots of ways to earn it – and not always by doing something you don’t want to do either.  So let them be creative, entrepreneurial or artistic and try new things as it will set them up for life, and you may just get a few extra things done around the house too!

What ways do your kids earn or make extra pocket money from?

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