Is it time to change your skincare?

is it time to change your skincare

When was the last time you changed your skincare routine and products?

For me it was every bit of 7 years ago. Gasp! And it wasn’t until I won a voucher for a facial at a beautician I hadn’t been to before that I realised I should have moved on a long time ago. Why? I glowed like I was 21 again! I now swap and change products every few months as the seasons change and when my skin feels like it needs a little extra somethin’ somethin’.

A change in skincare really is like a holiday for your skin.

But changing your skincare can be daunting. Particularly if you haven’t finished your current products (don’t want to waste money) or you’re nervous about trying something new and having a reaction.

So here’s my tips for changing up your skincare with ease:

Customise it

Doing something as simple as changing your moisturiser to a lighter one in the summer might be all it takes to see changes, or introducing an oil or night cream to provide more moisture for really dry and dehydrated skin. Your routine should be customised based on skin type and areas of concern.

Introduce something extra

For me, introducing an oil (applied before my daily moisturiser) was the missing piece of my dehydrated puzzle. For others it may be a weekly at home mask.

Try before you buy

To avoid wasting money, do your research, ask your friends what they’re using and look for brands that provide samples for you to take home and try, or better still – money back guarantees.

You won’t find too many of these in a department store, which is why the #1 premium skincare company in the US moved its business model to Independent Consultants for greater customer service. Rodan+Fields ticks all the boxes in terms of customised regimes, samples, money back guarantee, and premium product.

Having recently launched here in Australia, the dermatology-inspired skincare is receiving rave reviews, so perhaps it’s time for a change?

You can find out more about Rodan+Fields or contact a consultant here.


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