Feastively Family Meals: helping make 2018 the year we slow down

I’m in two minds about the holidays coming to an end.

Part of me can’t wait for some peace and quiet (sorry kids), the other is dreading the chaos of rushing out the door, lunchboxes, after school activities, work life juggle, and general busyness of day-to-day life again.

We’ve all enjoyed the slower pace of holidays, with the most notable difference being everyone’s improved moods. I don’t think I’ve had to say ‘hurry up!’ for nearly six weeks now, and with less daily demands on us all, we’re all that little bit more tolerant and capable of going with the flow.

Sound familiar?

Of course we can’t be on holidays all the time, and the daily grind will draw us back into reality soon enough. But I’m pretty keen to find ways to make 2018 the year our family slows down a little by taking the ‘busy’ out of Monday to Friday.

Who’s with me?!


Finding extra time in your day

Have you ever thought about where you could save time at home?

I did these holidays, and after doing a quick stock take of a normal school and work week and taking into account the nights we rush between school, work and extra curricular activities, and besides cleaning and washing, I realised a lot of time and pressure in our home is centred around food – whether it’s meal planning and grocery shopping on a Sunday, lunchboxes during the week or getting dinner on the table each night, I worked out this averages out to around 2 HOURS A DAY! Holy cow that’s a lot, right? And I’m not the only one – I asked friends for their opinion and some of them reported more as they have younger children who require different meals, pureeing and the like.

Financially, having someone else do my cleaning isn’t an option. But saving time and money on food is. So over the holidays we’ve been experimenting with different options to help reduce the amount of time spent on food preparation, the amount of money we spend at the supermarket (which nearly doubled over the holidays), and the amount of food wasted each week. I’ve tried:

Meal planning and shopping just once a week (has it’s benefits but can be time consuming or you find yourself using the same meal ideas every week)

Grocery boxes with recipes (I was only saving time shopping, not preparing meals, and they didn’t solve the wastage issue)

NOTE: Frozen meals weren’t an option from a nutritional perspective.


So if you’re anything like me and think that this is one area of the household that can be managed more effectively to help free up some time and reduce the chaos – you’re going to LOVE what we found.


Box to plate in just 15 minutes

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Feastively during the holidays, and was immediately intrigued with the ‘box to plate in 15 minutes’ concept. Harry (Feastively Founder) pointed out that next to shopping, the most time consuming process of dinner was the preparation of chopping, marinating etc. So Feastively acts like you Sous Chef by doing all that for me, leaving me nothing to do but toss it in the pan and cook it.

Worth a try I said!

We ordered two meal types (chicken pesto penne for the kids and miso glazed salmon for us) which was conveniently delivered to our front door on a Sunday afternoon. After spending the day helping a friend pack her house and getting home late, this was a welcome relief let me tell you! Here’s what we received to feed the four of us.


family meals




family meal ideas



Both boxes were portioned for two serves (although we got four kids size meals out of the penne, so they ate it the following night too, or would be great as lunchbox leftovers) and each came with everything you need to whip up a meal in just 15 minutes. The meats were already marinated, veggies chopped and dressing made. All that was left to do was cook the proteins, toss the rest together and serve. No recipe to follow, no wastage and everything I needed all portioned out in the boxes – just add oil, salt and pepper where required.

Delicious? Yes! Difficult? No! Even my 8 year could do this.

I was hooked.

And so were the kids. To put a new meal in front of them and have them give it the thumbs up was enough to convince me! #winner


easy family meals



pasta for kids



So how did it go budget wise you ask?

I sat down and ran the sums out of interest, and for a meal plan to feed 2 adults and 2-3 kids it works out to be around $10 per person per meal. If I was to account for this twice a week and deduct that from my weekly shop of fruit, veg, meat, dairy etc then it works out I can save around $50 per week, PLUS find an extra 1.5 hours over those two days (which I’d use on the nights we have after school activities), helping reduce the rush factor on those nights.

For us, Feastively is the first step of many to help calm the chaos in our house this year – and a tasty one at that! I look forward to using the extra time during the week to help the kids with their homework or watching I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! together, and hopefully seeing the benefits of the slower pace we’ve enjoyed over the holidays. I’m sure we’ll still have ‘those days’ but at least I won’t have dinner to worry about!


Keen to give it a go?

Feastively have been kind enough to help us us let more Melbourne families enjoy the relief of finding more time in their busy lives whilst enjoying healthy, home cooked family meals. So we’ve got a special offer of a 25% discount on all meal plans* and once off orders (yes, no lock in contracts here!) using the code BUBLR25 when you visit www.feastively.com PLUS keep an eye on our Facebook page where we’ll be giving one lucky family a week the chance to try it for FREE!

*Please note a manual 25% refund will be applied after the first PayPal or Credit Card charge on the Thursday for weekly meal plans only (not once off orders as this is automatically deducted).

Coupon code valid until April 30, 2018.

Feastively is currently only available in Melbourne.



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