6 Easy Store Bought Cake Decorating Ideas

We recently attended a birthday party and was let in on the BEST secret for a super quick, easy, impressive and tasty birthday cake…I couldn’t believe I didn’t already know about this, but apparently it’s a thing!

Store bought cake hacks.

Have you tried it?

Here I was thinking the Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake book was the holy grail in cake decorating, but no. These ideas are next level, and sure do take the cake (!) when it comes to putting together something special without all the fuss and mess.


So here’s some easy decorating ideas for turning a store bought cake into something magical.


The M&M pool

Remember the Women’s Weekly pool cake? This one is just as cool, but way tastier in my opinion as it doesn’t have the jelly in the middle. Simply purchase two cakes of choice, 6 Kit Kats and a packet of M&M’s. Stick the Kit Kats vertically around the edge of the cake and pour the M&M’s on top to ‘fill’ the pool. Genius. You can even add a piece of ribbon around the outside too if you like (and might help keep it all together!).


M&M Pool Cake


Fresh flowers

Cake decorated in fresh blooms are gaining huge popularity for so many occasions, and looks great with a naked icing affect (where you can still see parts of the cake), which you can achieve simply by scraping some of the icing off your store bought cake. Then it’s just a matter of finding some flowers that fit within the theme of your party, and using paper straws, insert the straw into the cake to the desired height, and put the stem of the flower in the straw, and lay some smaller ones on top. Create a nice little arrangement in the centre or to the side and whola!


Source: bakerchick.com


Candy crush

We’ve all seen those incredible cakes topped with macarons and sweet treats in a rainbow of colours. Kids go crazy for them! Whilst the professional ones are quite elaborate, you can achieve the same look using a little imagination and a few assorted lollies, varying the height for interest.

Another idea is to simply stick your favourites around the outside, disguising the cake in its entirety! Mini meringues, macarons, crushed Oreos and sprinkles make great options too.


Source: Bespoke Bride




Source: Classy In The City


Or why not cut the middle out, fill with lollies, and flip it upside down for a pinata cake!


Source: the Whoot



Cake toppers

Cake toppers to suit any theme are readily available and one of the quickest ways to spruce up a store bought cake and turn it into something spectacular. Use it on it’s own or with any combination of the other decorating ideas we’ve found for extra WOW factor. Here’s some of our favourites.


Source: Lombard


Source: The Party Parlour



Source: The Party Cupboard




These fried rings of deliciousness have gained huge popularity over the last few years, so why not pile them high on a cake, or better still – pile them up as the cake!






Add your favourite toys

Pretty self explanatory this one, and great for children’s themes without the fuss or fondant toppers.


Source: Zucchero Zucchero



Source: Hallmark


So there you go! Six super easy decorating hacks for store bought cakes to help shave a little time off preparing for the party. Do you have any others you would add to the list? Let us know in the comments!


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