Children’s safety: tips for childproofing your nursery

  • August 3, 2017
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Children’s safety: tips for childproofing your nursery

Now that you have decorated the nursery, it’s time to child proof it! So we invited Dreambaby®’s Co-Founder and renowned safety expert, Carolyn Ziegler to explain how and why.

Planning a nursery brings with it great joy, allowing your creative skills free-reign. But did you know that on top of style, you also need to think ‘safety’ when setting up a nursery. Dreambaby®’s Carolyn Ziegler who was recently interviewed on Channel 10’s Studio 10 about childproofing advice explains the simple precautions you need to take to help keep your child’s room safe.


“I’m sure you have all seen that video going around of the small boy being trapped under heavy drawers while his twin brother works to rescue him, well that nightmare scenario is all too real,” explains Carolyn. “The reason for this is that these days many drawers are designed so they are heavier at the front than at the back for aesthetic reasons so it’s simple physics that they will topple. You add more weight to the front and it’s going to fall over so you need to anchor them to the wall with Furniture Straps or Anchors. (Anchors are especially good if you live in earthquake prone areas). It’s also important to install furniture straps or anchors properly. You need to follow the instructions and always secure them to a solid part of the furniture and a solid part of the wall”.





Another important item for the nursery or your child’s room are Blind Cord Wind-Ups.  “These keep blind cords out of the reach of babies and children in their cots/beds. Over-long cords can lead to strangulation. “But remember to move cots and beds away from windows and window fittings whenever possible,” advises Carolyn.



Toys can be a tripping hazard so keep toys in order. “I always recommend to parents to install a Toy Chain,” says Carolyn. “Remember tidy rooms are less hazardous to newborns. Night Lights are another must have,” says Carolyn. “A nightlight not only brings comfort but is also a safety item if you need to tend to baby fast. And use Door Stoppers! I always recommend installing Door Stoppers in a nursery to help save little fingers and stop children accidently getting locked in their room if their door slams shut.




“Last but not least, always block off the entry to a nursery with a Child Safety Gate. Not only does it provide additional security but it can also stop the family pet dog from entering the room as well as older siblings too. And why is this important? Because they can literally smother your newborn with love. Pets and siblings need to be supervised around babies at all times. And remember, choose the right gate for your lifestyle and circumstances (for instance if you’re a renter and don’t have permission to drill into your wall you can chose a gate that’s pressure mounted rather than hardware mounted). In addition to nurseries always block off kitchens and bathrooms as well with safety gates.     




More about Carolyn Ziegler

Carolyn Ziegler is the Co-founder and Product Development Director of global child safety and care brand, Dreambaby® and has been involved in child safety for 35 years. Carolyn’s work has extended to various affiliations with other child safety organisations and initiatives, including the “Kids Can’t Fly” campaign through Westmead Children’s Hospital. She is also a big supporter of Kidsafe Australia – the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Australia. These days, Carolyn’s expertise is focused on product development, by proactively identifying and assessing risks posed to babies and young children and developing the solutions to deal with those dangers. Dreambaby® continues to develop and distribute safety products which are innovative, affordable and ever-evolving to suit today’s changing needs.


For more information on Dreambaby® safety and care solutions, visit their website or call (02) 9386 4000. Get social with @dreambabysafety #dreambabysafety

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