Bullying, teasing, friendships and all that stuff

I had the pleasure of speaking with family therapist and Director of Best Programs 4 Kids, Helen Davidson whilst in Perth recently and can I tell you – she’s a wealth of knowledge when it comes to navigating obstacles with kids. I could have talked to her for hours, but we probably would have lost a lot of our Facebook Live viewers who needed to attend to other things that night!

If you missed the video, you can catch it here (goes for about 20 minutes).

Navigating bullying, teasing, friendship and other playground issues our kids are experiencing

Thanks for joining us!Tonight we’re talking with Helen Davidson from Best Programs 4 Kids on how we can help manage bullying, friendships and other playground issues.Drop us a question in the comments!

Posted by Bubbler Deals on Sunday, 18 March 2018


Navigating these issues with our kids is HARD! I had so many questions, and one of the topics we didn’t have time to get around to is cyber bullying, so we’ll definitely get Helen back and dedicate an entire interview to it. So stay tuned!

Key points I took away from this interview included:

  1. Keep the conversation going with your kids. Talk, talk, talk. And when you think you’re done, talk some more. We need them to feel safe speaking to us about their problems, no matter how small and insignificant they may seem to them. Suicide rates amongst kids shows us just how wide spread problem we need solve – fast.
  2. How are we reacting to problems in our own home? What example are we setting for how we treat each other?
  3. Sympathise with the bullies. There is always more to the story, so we need to teach our children empathy.
  4. Teach our kids resilience, and how this is different to acceptance. What is happening is NOT ok and they have in no way brought it on themselves, but they need to navigate how to handle it, and differentiate between being bullied and teasing.
  5. Friends aren’t perfect. They will hurt and they will be forever evolving, so learning the skills on how to navigate them can help.


Helen also gave some great tools for kids to use in confronting situations, all of which can be found in the Best Programs 4 Kids books that come in a kids version and one for parents too.

Best Programs 4 Kids are offering Bubbler readers all 4 books in the series for just $40 (normally $70) using code Bubbler40 at their checkout. Shop them now at www.bestprograms4kids.com


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